Magic Door Pillows

Make bedtime fun

Magic Door Pillows create a soothing and magical bedtime routine that will give your kids the power to request special dreams. Say goodbye to bedtime tears and tantrums!

4 easy steps

Step 1: Secretly place the Magic Door Pillow on your kid's bed

Step 2: Read the storybook or watch the movie storybook before bedtime

Step 3: Watch their excitement as they discover their very own glow-in-the-dark Magic Door Pillow

Step 4: The magic continues each night as they request special dreams!

What people are saying

recommends Magic Door Pillows "Fantastic my grandchildren absolutely love them" Alison Schache
recommends Magic Door Pillows "very quick delivery and absolutely gorgeous! cant wait to give to Grandkids on Christmas day" Janette Lee
recommends Magic Door Pillows "Was very impressed my grandchildren are going to love them for Christmas 👏" Linda Nilon
recommends Magic Door Pillows "I ordered both pillows for my grandchildren and I was so happy when I opened the parcel. They are beautiful" and I know the kids are going to love them. Very fast delivery as well. Very impressed. Thank you Magic Door Pillows 😀 Gaye Jordan
recommends Magic Door Pillows "I bought both the wizard n fairy dream pillows and I think my Granddaughter s are going to love them" Robyn Charles
recommends Magic Door Pillows "so cute my granddaughter will love it" Suzi Breckon
recommends Magic Door Pillows "My grandson loved it and slept through the first night. Very happy 😃" Colleen Power
recommends Magic Door Pillows "Gave my granddaughter and grandson their pillows today. They were so excited. Marlee kept saying Nanny I l"ove my pillow so so much. Fabulous product for the price Vicki Lyn Taylor
recommends Magic Door Pillows "a wonderful gift for wonderful dreams" Terry-anne Gelmi
recommends Magic Door Pillows "Such a great product. Awesome value for cost. Wonderful graphics in the pictures and art work. Captivati"ng for young children! Would definitely recommend to parents with children who are having problems getting off to sleep. From a primary school teachers perspective 😊😊 Evie Rose
recommends Magic Door Pillows "My granddaughter absolutely loved hers" Gay Goonewardene
recommends Magic Door Pillows "I bought one for our grandson Bailey,as he was having bad dreams. He absolutely loves it, and so belie"ves in magic. He hasn’t had any bad dreams since his first night with his wizard who he named San Fransisco. This has been one of the best thing we have bought Bailey. Thank you so very very much. He could not believe how this pillow magically appeared on his bed after reading the book, which he loved. Kathy Whatman
recommends Magic Door Pillows "My granddaughters both were amazed at how they appeared in their bedrooms after reading the story book" Melinda Thackeray
recommends Magic Door Pillows "My 2 boys and my niece absolutely love these pillows! We read the book together and when they went to check" their beds the squeals of delight were so beautiful to hear! My boys have named their Wizards ‘Leo’ and and ‘Bunny Rabbit’, and my niece has named her Fairy ‘Emma’. They are keen to write a sentence or draw a picture each evening before bed for their Wizard to find. They will be much loved for a long time. I can already tell! Catherine Berry
recommends Magic Door Pillows "The kids absolutely love them. We have a girl aged 5 and boy aged 6 and they both couldn’t believe that rea"ding a magic spell made the pillows appear on their beds. They write to the wizard and fairy every night 🧡 Madison Pellizzari
recommends Magic Door Pillows "Purchased 2 pillows for Miss 3 and Miss 7, and to say it blew their little minds is an understatement. Wit"h some ninja like skills I was able to place the pillows into position before the book started, buying me a solid alibi 👌. The pillows and fairies are never to far from the girls side and they love whispering their dream requests to them every night. 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ Thank You Magic Door Pillows! Tania Stott

What do you get in each set?

  • 'The Dream Fairy' OR 'The Sleepy Wizard' plush toy and matching glow-in-the-dark Magic Door Pillow View
  • The storybook View
  • Movie storybook View
  • Audiobook View
  • Activity and colouring book View
  • The first two letters from your kid's Dream Fairy or Sleepy Wizard View
  • Step by step instructions on how to create the magical experience View
What you get
What is a Magic Door Pillow?

What is a Magic Door Pillow?

It's a magic pillow that appears on a child's bed when they read the magic spell at the end of the storybook. Inside each Magic Door Pillow lives a fairy or a wizard who catch sweet dreams for the child who has brought them to life by giving them a name. Your child can request special dreams from their fairy or wizard using the pillow's magic mailbox.

What is the Magic Mailbox?

What is the Magic Mailbox?

Each Magic Door Pillow has a magic mailbox, which your child uses to communicate with their fairy or wizard. They request dreams by writing letters or drawing pictures of what they would like to dream about and mailing them through the magic mailbox. Your child will be amazed when they also find reply letters from their fairy or wizard asking how their dream was.

Magic Door Pillows Storybook

The Storybook

The Sleepy Wizard, The Dream Fairy and The Magic Door Pillow is the story of a wizard who loves to sleep. One night, he is woken by The Dream Fairy, who tells him about two children who are struggling with nightmares. The Sleepy Wizard and The Dream Fairy embark on an adventure using magic to create Magic Door Pillows for the restless children. The pillows will forever catch sweet dreams and keep the children sleeping soundly the whole night through!

Read Now

The Video Storybook

How to create the magical experience

Step 1

Step 1

Before bedtime, write your child's name on Letter 1 (provided) and put it inside the Magic Door Pillow’s mailbox pocket. Then, secretly place the pillow on your child’s bed.

Step 2

Step 2

Read this storybook to your child or play the video storybook for them somewhere other than their bedroom so that they do not see the pillow.

The story ends with a spell that you read aloud with your child to make a Magic Door Pillow appear. Either read the spell from the book or pause the video storybook and read it.

Step 3

Step 3

Take your child to their bedroom for them to discover that the spell has worked. Now, they have a Magic Door Pillow of their own!

Your child will be amazed when they find Letter 1 addressed to them in the pillow’s magic mailbox. Help your child to follow the instructions provided in Letter 1 so that they can name their Sleepy Wizard or Dream Fairy to start the magic and make them come to life.

Step 4

Step 4

The following day, replace Letter 1 with Letter 2 (provided). This is the reply letter from their Sleepy Wizard or Dream Fairy, accepting their name and letting your child know that they have come to life!

If your child checks for a reply letter before you get a chance to put Letter 2 in their pillow’s mailbox, let them know that the reply isn’t there yet because their wizard or fairy must still be asleep. Reassure them that they will reply as soon as they wake up.

Continue the magic...

Continue the magic...

From now on, each night before bed, your child can write or draw a picture of what they would like to dream about, and mail it in the pillow’s mailbox. This way, their Sleepy Wizard or Dream Fairy will know what dreams to catch for them.

A little magic and imagination from Mum or Dad is required for the replies.


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